Indiana Jones 4

This is a deep-dive into Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The goal was to create an improved version of the story by identifying strong character motivations in the original script and creating a new scenario.

The first step involved reading the script and making notes about the setting and main characters: Indy and Marion:


I drew the scene where Indy and Marion meet for the first time in many, many years:


For the revised story, I wanted Jones to face two main challenges in his old age:

The first would be mending a broken relationship with an estranged family member. I decided to simplify this story by combining Marion and Mutt's characters into one: Indy's daughter.

The second challenge would involve the world's changing attitudes towards Jones' profession as an artifact thief. I cast his daughter as a competing treasure hunter, much like Dr. René Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Her main goal is to prevent Jones from stealing artifacts and instead arrange fair negotiations between the museum and impoverished communities.

These character conflicts are intended to ground the larger narrative surrounding the Crystal Skull and the Russian antagonists. Over the course of the story, Jones and his daughter will resolve their differences, stop the Russians, and re-establish themselves as family and colleagues.


After establishing a rough plan, I put together a larger beat-board. The entire movie is covered in 28 images. I also decided that the crystal skull, instead of being a decapitated alien head, would just be an artifact that can raise zombies.